Strategies for Private and Public Companies

At Crescendo, we help both private and public companies develop a capital markets strategy in order to align the company’s business goals and financial needs to lower the cost of capital. For private companies, we help them go public through IPO, merger/spinout, reverse merger and other strategies. For public companies, we have access to unique sources of funding and advise on both the financing structures and timing to minimize dilution and help maintain a solid capital structure to support future growth and drive shareholder value. 

We Identify Unique Funding Mechanisms

We have a successful track record helping our clients think “outside the box” and identify unique funding mechanisms, ranging from straight equity to unique preferred structures, project financing, royalty financing, M&A funding, debt sources and more.  

Creating Cost-effective Solutions

Our capital advisory services are focused on providing clients with the fastest and most cost-effective solution to their capital needs and to identify and minimize risk in the process. We will help you evaluate and secure the best possible funding/structure to support the company’s growth. We accomplish this in a number of ways by:

  • Determining the best capital and/or investment structure for companies
  • Identifying and evaluating the best partners
  • Minimizing risk through stringent due diligence
  • Packaging our clients’ investment thesis and all necessary information to accomplish financing goals
  • Guiding our clients through each step of the process